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15th-Dec-2007 03:55 pm - addition by subtraction?
b.webb - most known unknown

Hello, Haren; Goodbye, Valverde 

This would possibly be The Mother of All Trades
Well actually, it's two trades...but it sounds appropriate when you consider that 12 players changed hands in them!
Getting Haren is huge. Not only do we have a real #2 guy to back up Webb, the rotation is all but set for next year. Here's where crossing the fingers and praying that RJ comes back heathy and is even remotely able to pitch the way he did before getting hurt last year. *crosses fingers*
Other non-baseball related plus to the D-Backs acquiring him? He's kinda hot *grins*
Sadly, I was almost expecting Papa Grande to go bye-by so that wasn't that big of a shock. We got a pretty good bullpen guy in Qualls, who except for the saves stat, has been comparable to Valverde. Now the question is, who's gonna be the closer?
13th-Dec-2007 10:53 am - 15 Christmas Stock Icons
valentine's day - i love you
001-015 Christmas Stock Icons
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...it's the most wonderful time of the year...Collapse )

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valentine's day - i love you
001-040 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


I want to be Santa...he knows where all the naughty boys live!Collapse )

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4th-Dec-2007 04:37 pm - Yes, finally!
valentine's day - i love you
Today was my last day of classes for the semester...and all I have to say is, thank God! Really, even when I think I have gotten pretty good grades, there's always a little sense of relief on the last day of class. It's amazing how quick the time goes by...it's always the spring semester that seems like it drags on forever. Probably because of Spring Break, or the anticipation of summer vacation.

Anyway...I'm done with class, and I only have my finals and I'm done for this semester. Later on, I'm gonna sit down and watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV.
azcardinals - sad but true
The Cardinals lose to the 49ers by three points, in a game that they had won multiple times but couldn't put them away. Sound familiar?
Look, I know the Cards are not that great of a team, but they should be able to beat the freaking 49ers. The game never should have made it to OT. That was an abortion...the Cards made too many damn penalties, the most egregious of which was a delay of game that erased what should have been a game winning FG. Then, after another stupid penalty, Kurt Warner is sacked close to the Cards' endzone, fumbles and it is returned for a TD. Cards lose 37-31.
The only slight glimmer of hope was that sweet Hail Mary pass that Warner fired off to end the half. Hey Kurt, coulda used some of that later in the game. Or maybe less stupid penalties, whichever.
*sigh* Sadly, games like this are par for the course for us.
b.webb - most known unknown
Matt Holliday is edged out by Jimmy Rollins in a close NL MVP race...wait...WHAT?!
If the end of season awards weren't already a joke, they sure are now.  How does a guy (Holliday) who leads or is in the top five in almost every NL offensive category AND is one of the driving forces behind one of the greatest runs to the post season in history lose to a guy (Rollins) whose team was a beneficiary of the Mets' late season collapse AND isn't even the MVP of his own team?
And i don't buy all the BS about Rollins playing a more difficult position. Yeah, he had a historic season but that alone doesn't mean he deserves the MVP award. If you're going by that alone, then Eric Gagne should have won the NL MVP in 03 over Barry Bonds (okay, maybe I wouldn't have had a problem with that, Bonds being the world class asshole he is...).
Oh, and the whole Coors Field effect thing? BULLSHIT!! Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't Citizens Bank Park a bit of a launch pad as well? Why aren't Rollins, Howard, Utley et al. punished the way the Rockies are continuously for that?
I have three words for you :EAST COAST BIAS!!!!!!!
Hell, I'm not even a Rockies fan and this is making steam come out of my ears >_<
And all those douchenozzles telling Rockies fans to stop crying need to STFU. How do you really expect people to react when they feel their players who were deserving of awards (Tulowitzki, Helton, Holliday...) and get robbed? The most glaring of the Gold Glove robberies was Helton, for reasons I've stated before, but Tulo was double robbed in that case (GG and ROY). You really expect them to say "Thank you sir, may I have another?!"   

Well, fuck that and fuck the BWAA!!!!!
valentine&#39;s day - i love you

Melvin wins NL Manager of Year

Well deserved choice...BoMel took a young team who was continuously outscored by their opponents and win with it. From dead last in the NL West to division winner in the space of a year...win 90 games...have Livan f**king Hernandez in the rotation and still win...what more can you possibly want?

Ya know, I was a little surprised that Clint Hurdle had finished as low as he did in the voting...actually, I kinda thought he might end up winning the award. He, too, certainly would have deserved it.

Tomorrow, the NL Cy Young award winner is announced...hmm, that's kind of an ass backwards way to announce the awards. The AL one was on Tuesday, wasn't it? While I would love for Brandon Webb to pick up his second straight award, I have a feeling Jake Peavy will end up winning it. Oh please, oh please let the reverse be true *prays*

Oh, and Matt Holliday is probably going to be screwed out of the NL MVP on Tuesday. There's not much more I can say about that, considering how the awards votes have gone for the Rockies so far. Boy was it fun last year to watch Yankees fans scream "Foul!" when Justin Morneau won the AL MVP...though this year, there probably will not be such a surprise as A-Rod looks to collect his third MVP award as a going-away present.
12th-Nov-2007 04:10 pm - HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
valentine&#39;s day - i love you

Braun edges Tulo for top NL Rookie

I don't technically have a dog in this fight, but Tulowitzki got shafted pure and simple.

He loses by TWO measly votes?! To a guy that, while insanely good with the bat, didn't even play a full season? That's not even mentioning his poor defense. Doesn't defensive skill/leadership mean ANYTHING at all?! Obviously not because if you can hit the cover off the ball, being tied for the most errors in the NL is just plum dandy.

Speaking of Rockies getting robbed, both Tulowitzki and Helton were ROBBED of Gold Glove awards, especially in Helton's case. You can't tell me with any shred of sanity that Derrek Lee is a better fielder ...you just can't.  I wouldn't be surprised if Matt Holliday gets shafted for the NL MVP as well
11th-Nov-2007 09:31 am - Squee!! I won an award!
valentine&#39;s day - i love you
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5th-Nov-2007 09:26 am - hangover cures anyone?
valentine&#39;s day - i love you
So I got back to my room really late after the party, at around three in the morning and kick off my shoes and just fall asleep still wearing my costume. The next morning I  sleep through my morning class and I'm still only semi-lucid for my afternoon one. I'm really freaking lucky I didn't have any tests or anything.
Then Saturday night, I went out to eat with my parents for my birthday. I'm kinda getting too old for huge family parties for my birthday at this point. Let's see...I got a clock radio I-Pod dock, a couple of DVDs, a new case for my I-Pod, a $50 I-Tunes card, The Simpsons Game for Xbox, and a couple of gift cards and an Asian themed stack of scrapbooking paper. I also got some birthday cards and a few gift cards(Target, Sephora, Best Buy, etc. ) from some of my other relatives.
You know, when I was little I kinda thought the whole gift certificate/card thing was a total cop-out...now that I'm older, I understand the thinking behind them a lot more.

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